Michael Sheldon is the ideal co-author. I handed him the pen—literally—and he knew what to do with it. Michael brings a lot of energy and creative ideas to every project, while remaining true to the original.

George F. Russell, Jr.
Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Russell Investments

We tried BIG Writing. We like it. It works!

David Freese, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
SySys Corporation

These guys are rock stars. When I have an important project that requires writing, I recommend XMedia. The results are always on target and I hear nothing but rave reviews.

Ann Schleck, Principal
Ann Schleck & Co.

Working with XMedia is rewarding. Whether we’re developing topics for op-eds and news releases or creating a video script, our projects together are always smooth as silk. Most amazing has been our bi-monthly executive director’s newsletter My View. Michael and Ellie have adopted the persona of the director himself in preparation of copy. I've been working with creative people, including writers, for over forty years: Ellie and Michael are the best.

Bill Wortley, Communications Director
Washington State Housing Finance Commission

To write about biotech you have to be able to understand the science and communicate it to investors. But this is an industry that impacts lives. Our investor communications also convey personal stories—of individual patients helped by Dendreon’s active cellular immunology treatments. We’ve been very pleased to work with Ellie and Michael on our most recent annual reports: they “get it.”

Monique M. Greer, former Senior Director, Corporate Communications
Dendreon Corporation

We have worked with XMedia Communications on numerous projects over the years. Their strategic thinking and insights are just as valuable as their exceptional copywriting skills. They definitely bring the “X-factor” to every project.

Craig Terrones, Principal & Creative Director
Graphica Solutions

Ellie and Michael helped us to focus in on what’s unique and valuable about the experience of working with Kibble & Prentice. They created many pieces of collateral describing diverse products and services while capturing the distinctive voices of our many practice areas. At the same time, they developed consistent messaging that helps us finally tie it all together in a package that makes sense to our customer. They came through with flying colors!

Barb Larimer, Vice President, Marketing
Kibble & Prentice

XMedia adds value throughout the process. Very few copywriters have the discipline to work through all of the details the way they do.

Brad Ogura, Vice President, Marketing Director

As a start-up company, we’ve used XMedia as a virtual marketing department. We get great strategic advice and flawless execution on projects. They’ve played an important role in our development.

Jeffrey Hansen, President
Blue Heron Consulting Group

I’m impressed with Ellie’s flexibility, professionalism, playfulness—and ability to whip out great copy. Prime8 develops interactive media in a wide range of industries; I’d bring XMedia in on any type of project.

Brenda Stumpf, Creative Director
Prime8 Interactive

I can always depend on XMedia’s in-depth knowledge of investments and the financial markets. Their learning curve in these areas is short, which is critical in gaining credibility with investment professionals and senior management at top-tier clients. Their writing skills help my clients communicate better—and sell better.

Matt Garrison, Senior Strategist

We’re aggressive marketers, and make use of both electronic and printed media. Ellie has been an invaluable part of our marketing team. XMedia has helped us to create consistent messages across multiple media in building core systems of marketing materials for our clients.

Joanna Kelsey, Principal
Joanna Kelsey Consulting

He makes me sound like myself…only better.

Michael B. Hansen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
EverTrust Financial Group

It’s a big help having the Sheldons on our team. When a print deadline is looming and our time is demanded elsewhere, it’s good to know that we can count on them to stay true to our ideas, and produce inspired writing.

Russell Hill, President
Halbert Hargrove Investment Counsel

Fishing and sales have a lot in common. On the Yellowstone River a couple of summers ago, Michael and I were catching 20” browns on Madame X hoppers. That’s hard to top. However, it’s also worth mentioning that when I was sales director at Frank Russell, Michael and I created marketing programs that brought in leads to prospects with more than $20 billion to invest.

Brian Barker
Fisherman and retired sales executive

XMedia helped us position us ourselves perfectly versus the competition. Our ‘Einstein’ ad campaign immediately moved us light years ahead.

Tricia O’Connell, Marketing Communications Manager
Russell Mellon Analytical Services

XMedia always zeros in on the solution. They have the ability to think in visual terms—as well as with words. This is a balance you don't often find in writers today. It makes a big difference in positioning the product or service and communicating on all cylinders.

Augustus Barnett, President & Creative Director
Augustus Barnett Advertising / Design

Michael is an award-winning writer who likes to work as part of a team. No matter how short the deadline or whatever other obstacles come up, I always feel confident that he’ll find a way to produce great content.

Stacie Byars, Principal
SDByars Communications

Ah, what a great life, what great pleasure
for a barber of quality!
Ah, bravo Figaro!
Bravo, bravissimo!
In truth, I’m a really lucky guy!
Ready for anything
all of the time
smack in the thick of things,
making the rounds.
A greater feast for a barber
or nobler life—nope—just can’t be found.
Razor and combs,
scissors to hand
they are all here
at my command.

—from “Largo al Factotum,” The Barber of Seville, libretto by Cesare Sterbini (English trans. E. Sheldon)